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Process Discovery & Performance Analytics for Services

This concierge service only requires a simple data extract to power it, furnished in Excel or CSV format.

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Your Business Challenge?

Service-focused organisations everywhere are faced with the challenge of making services better, faster and cheaper.

But services are often complex, difficult to visualise how they operate, especially when operating at scale, hence change entails risk. It feels like a catch-22 situation!

Your Objective

So how can you get to grips with understanding exactly what’s happening INSIDE a given service, before embarking on change? NolijWork believes, that it starts with making the invisible visible, enabling service owners to understand exactly what’s happening INSIDE that service.

NolijWork’s Discovery & Analytics capability, is like an MRI scan for Services. It analyses operational processes to understand performance, and identify opportunities for improvement

What to Do...

As part of our Process Discovery & Performance Analytics for Services offering, NolijWork provides the technology AND the know-how, as a combined offering, to help diagnose service challenges.

This proposition has been applied variously in the context of public sector services, including

  • Social Housing (Voids & Repairs)
  • Adult Social Care
  • Anti-Social Behaviour

The Outcome

Through this offering, clients have achieved new insights into how their services function, and highlighted problems that were largely invisible. These insights have helped organizations to chart a path forward for relevant interventions.

Brochure & Public Sector Procurement

This innovative service is now procurable for public sector organizations via PfH's (Procurement for Housing) Social Housing Emerging Disruptors (SHED-3) framework.

This enables organizations to procure innovation via an established framework.

A brochure for this service is also available on demand, describing the proposition and approach applied in the context of Property Void (Empty Home) management. See image below.

The proposition is service-agnostic, hence if you have a different service in mind outside these use-cases, we would be happy to discuss!

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