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At NolijWork, our mission is to simplify how work is designed, unleashing new possibilities for how people and technology come together to get work done.

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Mining & Optimization

Our services and technology can help you leverage your existing data to uncover insights in how work happens within your organization.

We can use this as a basis to help you design new and betters ways to work for the future.


A new "paint-by-numbers" approach to define how an organization's work gets done.

Work mapping underpins the coordination of work across the organization, and an evolution towards Digital Transformation.

Work Coordination

Service delivery, productivity and a positive employee experience are only realized when your people, automation technologies and external stakeholders are aligned to work together through effective coordination.

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Mapping Visualizations

Simple mapping up front, then visualize according to preference

Multiple graphical views

Including Network (Graph) representations, Service Blueprint style (shown), and more.

Diagram elements are clickable

Select any item in the diagram to reveal more information.

Document format

Render as a narrative document to share or print as required.

Easy to use
Drawing Skills Not Required

Work Coordination

Comprehensive out-of-the-box features to organize and manage work.

Gantt, Kanban and other views

Work is both connected and visible for all stakeholders, including employees and managers alike. Busywork emerges from the lack of transparency & clarity.

Complementary to Automation

Work spans multiple sources of labor - people, technology and external resources.

Audit Trail of Work Performed

Automatic audit trail provides assurance of performance, whilst creating a rich seam of data for Optimization.

Looks great
Easy to use
Powerful capabilities
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Individual Autonomy

Full visisbility and control of work at the individuals fingertips. Avoid overload and burnout due to poorly managed workloads.

Manager Visibility

Eliminate emails, meetings and other busywork - the typical consequences from convoluted work design and inappropriate technology.

Single Source of Truth

Banish spreadsheets, email, chat and other ad hoc approaches to managing work. These simply consume time, energy and productive capacity within the modern enterprise.


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Analyze your operations to jump start improvement

  • Consultancy Led
  • Rapid Delivery
  • Shrink-wrapped Offering


Define how your organization works, then visualize it.

  • Easy-to-use Mapping
  • Powerful Visualizations
  • Self-Documentation


Deploy work definitions into live operation.

  • Out of the Box Operation
  • Make Work Visible
  • Individual & Manager Facilities

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