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Excessive coordination consumes valuable effort and time. Let NolijWork take that strain...

Statistics suggest knowledge workers spend up to 60% of their precious time on “work about work”.  No-one wants to waste time just managing work, however that’s exactly what happens in workplaces today.

Spend more time doing, and less time managing work. Eliminate unnecessary emails, IMs, meetings just to get on the same page with colleagues.


Simple & Intuitive approach to model and manage knowledge work

NolijWork’s approach is simple and intuitive, putting it in the reach of all business users to easily Model, Operate and Manage work. Even when knowledge work has many inter-dependencies, it needn’t be complicated using the NolijWork approach.

No need for complex workflows to define typical knowledge work scenarios, under the hood let NolijWork connect the dots, so nothing falls between the cracks.


Make knowledge work visible

To improve knowledge work, it must be visible. After all, “sunlight is the best disinfectant” otherwise you cannot manage what you cannot see.

NolijWork brings transparency and clarity to knowledge work for employees, managers and other stake-holders.

For the individual, complete visibility ensures avoidance of nasty surprises due to hidden work or missed deadlines.  


Managers - Plan and respond for all work commitments across resources

In the new reality of hybrid work, managers need to have visibility over all work in progress, irrespective of where it happens.

Through transparency, managers only intervene as necessary, otherwise employees can continue to operate autonomously.

Peaks and troughs become evident, enabling managers to plan rather than react to unnecessary “fire drills”.

Employees can also be assured that their contribution is visible, irrespective of where they work, and that work is distributed appropriately

Systems of Work and the Work Graph

What are the organizing principles of work within today’s modern organization?

  1. NolijWork believes that the absence of relevant “Systems of Work” for today’s knowledge work intensive organizations represents a key part of the productivity puzzle.
  2. In turn, the Work Graph represents the holistic lens through which any organization can be understood, modeled and re-engineered on a continuous basis.


Together, these point to both the problem and the solution to creating a new knowledge work paradigm. 

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