Core Features


Optimize interactions, reduce interruptions, through connectedness between outcomes and stakeholders

With modern knowledge work, we are highly inter-connected and inter-dependent. Doing the right thing, at the right time delivers value for customers and organizations.

Yet many technologies in use today expect either total control, or result in total chaos.

Understanding that Knowledge Workers have autonomy in how they work requires a middle way, based on how work (i.e. outcomes) and people are connected, ensuring flexibility and adaptability within a dynamic environment.


Eliminate interruptions and distractions to achieve deeper work

Work is organized (and filtered) according to the taxonomy of your organization, whilst individuals can identify their prioritized areas of work.

Even when you’re not paying attention, NolijWork is still looking after all of your work, until you’re ready to focus on it again.

Studies show that a single interruption can result in 25 minutes of lost productivity. Be on top of your work, don’t let work get on top of you!

Switch focus to other work streams only when ready, YOU control both your TIME and ATTENTION.


Achieve a shared understanding of HOW work gets done in your organization

To achieve a common understanding, organizations need a common framework to define knowledge work.

Work can be de-composed into key dimensions for everyone to understand and adhere to – WHAT, WHO, WHEN and HOW.

As work proceeds, an audit trail evidences the path to completion, eliminating any doubt, and creating a rich seam of data for future optimization purposes.   


Focus on Outcomes, not Activities

Outcomes are a uniquely unifying element between customers, employees and an organization.

By focusing on outcomes that matter to everyone, clarity of purpose is uppermost for all.

Outcomes provide a unique way of de-composing, organizing, managing and understanding work within any enterprise.


Interactions between participants are the means by which Knowledge Workers deliver value

Outcomes are often realized through the interactions of participants – resulting in the exchange of outputs or deliverables. These represent the tangible evidence that outcomes have been realized.

These interactions take place in a predictable manner, avoiding a swirl of ad hoc participant behavior, otherwise resulting in wasted activity and effort for all.


Establish clear lines of action and accountability. Eliminate contact for contact’ sake

In the knowledge worker environment, interacting and engaging with the right people at the right time is critical.

Often not knowing who to engage with is a cause of delay and confusion, and unnecessary activity.

NolijWork provides a clear and purposeful framework for resource engagement.


Establish time-based expectations, eliminate “chaser” activity from unclear deadlines

Time is a knowledge worker’s most precious asset. Juggling work, co-ordinating with colleagues and adhering to timelines are the daily rhythm of knowledge workers’ lives.

For managers, delivering outcomes on schedule are critical goals to meet.   


Achieve Balance Across Your Operations

Lean not only implies elimination of waste, but also eliminating over-burden and unevenness. Remove waste, unevenness and overburden (per the Toyota WayMuda, Mura, Muri).

  • In knowledge work, as people are highly inter-connected a “network effect” can result in a cascading impact of unevenness of workload on others, even resulting in over-burden of critical resources.
  • Ultimately such impacts can manifest in not only poor work outcomes for customers and the organization, but also stress and other work-related problems for individual employees.
  • Such impacts are avoidable by making work visible and transparent for all participants.
  • Managers can only manage and respond to what they can see and consider.

NolijWork facilitates “lean knowledge work”, eliminating waste, unevenness and over-burden through simple modelling at design time, and transparency of operations at run-time.


Optimize Knowledge Work as a Connected System, based on Data from your Organization

When work is Modeled, Operated and Managed as a connected system, it is only then that it can be optimized. Data from the work graph allows organizations to understand how they can perform better, whether using statistical or machine learning approaches.

To quote Cal Newport :-

"Productivity, we must recognize, can never be entirely personal. It must be connected to a system that we can study, analyze, and improve"