Improving Work – For the Hybrid Era

How we work today

The way we work is changing, in ways and at a rate we could not have expected just 18 months ago. Employees are looking to take back control of their working and personal lives, and achieve a work-life balance that for many has long since disappeared. Or should that be a life-work balance…? Employees and […]

We’ve Been Thinking About Work All Wrong and its Hurting Us All!

Work of the Hands, Work of the Head

The Case for the Prosecution First let me say, that this piece is definitely NOT intended as an academic discussion. Thus, I invite you to reflect on the reality of work from YOUR own individual perspective, or from statistics that are readily available, or indeed from authors whose job it is to consider how we […]

Knowledge Work – as Easy as 1234?

“Knowledge Work” is a phrase that we’ve all heard of, but scratch the surface and you’ll soon discover there is, in fact, no agreed definition of what knowledge work actually entails. The phrase was coined originally by Peter Drucker some 50+ years ago, and despite the lack of a formal definition, Gartner estimate that there […]

Looking Back, Looking Forward

At NolijWork – we describe our solution as a “Work Coordination Platform for Knowledge Work”. In reality, we believe it has the potential to be much, much bigger than this, but you have to start somewhere. In future, our vision is to be closer to an “Operating System” for Knowledge Work – because of how […]