Looking Back, Looking Forward

At NolijWork – we describe our solution as a “Work Coordination Platform for Knowledge Work”. In reality, we believe it has the potential to be much, much bigger than this, but you have to start somewhere. In future, our vision is to be closer to an “Operating System” for Knowledge Work – because of how […]

What Fighting Al Qaeda Can Teach Us About Knowledge Work…

When considering various branches of the military, they clearly represent the archetypal hierarchical organization. Working from top down, (or bottom up if preferred), military ranks identify where individuals appear within a hierarchical command and control structure. Yet in 2003, when General Stanley McChrystal took over command of the Joint Special Operations Task Force in Iraq, […]

Knowledge Work – A Wicked Problem

At NolijWork, we’ve been thinking about the challenges of fixing Knowledge Work for some time now. Our thinking is influenced by various sources such as Peter Drucker, Tom Davenport, leading thinkers at McKinsey, Rob Cross, Cal Newport, Dion Hinchcliffe and other colleagues from Constellation Research amongst many more. It’s not simple, in fact its a […]