Knowledge Work – as Easy as 1234?

“Knowledge Work” is a phrase that we’ve all heard of, but scratch the surface and you’ll soon discover there is, in fact, no agreed definition of what knowledge work actually entails. The phrase was coined originally by Peter Drucker some 50+ years ago, and despite the lack of a formal definition, Gartner estimate that there […]

Knowledge Work – A Wicked Problem

At NolijWork, we’ve been thinking about the challenges of fixing Knowledge Work for some time now. Our thinking is influenced by various sources such as Peter Drucker, Tom Davenport, leading thinkers at McKinsey, Rob Cross, Cal Newport, Dion Hinchcliffe and other colleagues from Constellation Research amongst many more. It’s not simple, in fact its a […]

Interaction Sequences (aka “Plays”)

In a previous post, we introduced a concept of “interactions”. The term is used deliberately for a number of reasons :- McKinsey have written a number of well researched papers around the topic of “interactions”, some going as far back as 20+ years, specifically referring to the “rise” of these interactions relevant to knowledge work. […]