Knowledge Work - Process Mining Trial

Knowledge Work Process Mining

We are seeking organisations to enrol for early-stage evaluation of our service.

This is a free trial in advance of a planned launch later in 2022, the only cost to your organisation will be provision of suitable data, and time spent engaging with our team to analyse the outcomes.

Process Mining for Knowledge Work VERSUS Traditional Business Processes

What’s The Difference?

Traditional Process Mining software is restricted to “routine” and predictable processes, whereas knowledge work is too variable to be analysed in this way.

NolijWork’s Process Analysis & Mining Service for Knowledge Work is different. Our modelling and process mining techniques go hand-in-hand to suit the dynamic nature of modern knowledge work.


Our machine learning approach works with small data-sets, so organisations of any size can avail of our service.

You will only need to supply relevant data via CSV or Excel file format to trial the service.

No Commitment Necessary

By registering, you are only expressing interest at this stage, you can change your mind at any point in time. Just supply relevant contact details including a business email address.

We’ll be in touch in due course, and full information will be provided. If you’re interested in the service, but not the trial, you can also register your interest.

Free Trial