Having exceeded 1 billion knowledge workers in 2019 (Craig Roth – Gartner Analyst), we think its time to help tackle the important challenge of Knowledge Worker productivity.

Here are just some of the experts informing our thinking, so don’t just take our word for it, listen to what the experts have to say.

Let’s start with Peter Drucker, probably one of the foremost business thinkers of the past century, and who has written extensively on the topic of Knowledge Workers…

"The most important contribution of management in the 21st century will be to increase knowledge worker productivity."

Peter Drucker

"There’s little evidence that massive spending on personal computing, productivity software, knowledge management systems, and much else has moved the needle. What’s more, a wide variety of recent research has begun suggesting that always-on, multi-tasking work environments are so distracting that they are sapping productivity.."

Tom Davenport from Rethinking Knowledge Work: A Strategic Approach

"There’s no data around white-collar productivity. The problem is that the world is shifting towards knowledge work, and so, if we can’t measure productivity, output and obstacles in that space, businesses will never get the great levels of performance they’re looking for."

Michael Mankins (Bain & Co) on "Organizational Drag"

“Imagine if, through some combination of new management thinking and technology, we could introduce processes that minimize the time required to talk about work or fight off random tasks flung our way by equally harried co-workers, and instead let us organize our days around a small number of discrete objectives. “

“Productivity, we must recognize, can never be entirely personal. It must be connected to a system that we can study, analyze, and improve.

Cal Newport, Author of "Deep Work" & "A World without Email"

What other experts are saying ...

Work is broken. We’re overloaded, too much information, across too many channels, with too many people, experiencing too many interruptions asking us to undertake too many tasks.

Alan Lepovsky, formerly Constellation Research

"We have paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and god-like technology."

E.O. Wilson from "Our Brains Are No Match For Our Technology" - by Tristan Harris (Center for Humane Technology)

"Shallow work is what prevents you from being fired. Deep work is what gets you promoted."

Cal Newport, Author of Deep Work

“Tacit interactions are becoming central to economic activity. Making those who undertake them more effective isn’t like tweaking a production line.”

McKinsey Article - Competitive Advantage from Better Interactions

"Successful efforts to exploit the growing importance of complex interactions could well generate durable competitive advantages."

McKinsey Article - The Next Revolution in Interactions

“As collaboration within and among organizations becomes increasingly important, companies must improve their management of the networks where it typically occurs”

McKinsey Article - Mapping the Value of Employee Collaboration (Rob Cross)

NolijWork - Creating the #FutureOfWork through the Work Graph...

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